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These are all female athletes with a generous physique up top and they manage to win titles/medals. Why is it so hard to believe that these are real women? That a woman can have large breasts and still be a badass athlete. I did four years of grueling physical training for Navy ROTC as a 34DDD and managed just fine thank you. And yet on EVERY board for the new Tomb Raider game they are saying not that her gradual shrinking bust size makes her more relateable for the masses that have between a B-C cup, but that it’s more believable that she can be athletic with a smaller cup size. That she is now more realistic. That she “looks like a real woman now”. 

Yeah, no , sorry. Her graphics got better so she is no longer an amalgamation of polygons in tight clothes but her bust size has nothing to do with her “realness”. To me her realness lies in her now more understandable “survival” clothing and human emotions and apparently her physical limitations due to a lack of training. (For those who don’t know, this new game is her origin story) I know way too many REAL women that are shaped like super heroes to not find that offensive. Yes they work EXTREMELY hard to maintain that physique, but Lara doesn’t exactly lounge around either.

I guess what it comes down to is that I find it really annoying that instead of saying we are marketing to the masses by changing her body shape into something more relateable to the majority of people, instead we declare a ton of women “less real”. It’s the exact same thing thinner women go through when they see people post about how men like meat and dogs like bones and real women and all that crap. It’s not cool. Women of all shapes are awesome and we should appreciate all of them as real and relevant.

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have changed her proportions, from a marketing standpoint it makes sense and I’m glad some girls will have someone who looks like them to play, after all I’ve had her since ‘96, and I still have the whole Marvel and DC universe to identify with. It’s just that I don’t like this disturbing trend of declaring anyone that isn’t like you less beautiful or less real. Its not empowerment, it’s bullying.

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    When they say they are redesigning Lara to be “more real” they mean “we are redesigning this character to less blatantly...
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    Yup, I’m the same as Tally, competed at fairly high level martial arts and never not been a 32-34 DD while I’ve...
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    As a D who’s done ballet for 17 years, I also echo this.
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    I’m a third degree black belt and state title holder…and I’m a 30 DD. Thank you so much for saying this! Women of ALL...
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    as a DD i echo this.
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